We use methods and materials industries such as hospitals, apartments, airports, office buildings, hotels, casinos, and assisted living facilities rely on.


Our firestopping services are used to restore the rating of all rated barriers including penetrations and joints (head of wall, bottom of wall, vertical and slab edge joints).

In addition to new construction we can also offer repair and updates for your JCAHO inspections providing you with reports that include photos attached to drawings of all repairs completed that will show exact locations of each repair. 


We can provide all types of STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings and non-rated interior sealants including penetrations, joints and putty pads.

STC ratings are used in all types of construction but become more important in hospitals due to HIPPA regulations. 


This material protects what is wrapped inside by releasing chemically bound water that cools when exposed to high temperatures; preventing what is wrapped inside from heating to a point of failure.

This is essential on life safety conduit systems, but can also be used on structural steel, cables, equipment shrouds, membrane penetrations, and much more!

I-beam coated with intumescent paint


Protects the steel structure of a building by swelling as the temperature rises in the event of a fire. Thus, slowing down the temperature increase on the steel preventing it from failing for a certain amount of time.

This not only helps protect the structure but allows people to exit the building safely and additional time for first responders to extinguish the fire.

• Durable and decorative finish
• Steelwork may be left exposed to view
• Chemical and abuse resistant
• Easy application